Actress’ Embarrassing Emmys Panty Flash Was Bound to Happen in That Dress

alexandra breckenridgeLast night, the Emmys, per usual, featured boatloads of gorgeous ladies in gorgeous gowns with gorgeous makeup and gorgeous hair. Alexandra Breckenridge, the sexy, naughty maid from American Horror Story, was no exception. The auburn-haired actress wore a tight-fitting, black, one-sleeved dress with a (really) high slit up the side. While posing for photogs, Breckenridge decided to try out the "Angelina" pose (I mean, black, slitted dress, why not?), but instead of simply awkwardly standing there with her leg jutting out, a la Jolie, Breckenridge accidentally flashed her nude-colored underwear to the world. D'oh!


The mishap doesn't seem to be one of those "wardrobe malfunctions" that's really a gross ploy to garner publicity, but instead the result of pesky photographers snapping away at just the wrong moment, when Breckenridge was changing poses.

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Now, I love a high-slitted dress just as much as the next gal -- I think they're incredibly sexy -- but perhaps slits are getting too high? Or perhaps actresses need to, I dunno, stand better? I think Breckenridge is a gorgeous woman -- and her dress was stunning -- but a crotch flash from simply standing there? (It's not like she was getting out of a car or anything.) I think a few stitches with some needle and thread could have prevented this from ever happening.

But, hey, bonus points for wearing underwear!

Slits: Are they too high these days ... or not high enough?

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