Britney Spears Might Be Slipping Back Into Her Old Ways

Britney Spears shopping at Old NavyLike her or not, Britney Spears has made the ultimate comeback. The woman had some sort of psychotic break and shaved her head at one point, for crying out loud. Now, she's got long blonde locks, a killer sense of style (thanks to some positive encouragement from Simon Cowell), and is doing a semi-decent job judging on the X Factor.

However, even some of the greatest have sidesteps, which is exactly what seems to have happened with Ms. I'm a Slave For You's most recent trip to Old Navy. Dawning a pair of super classy stilettos, too-tight too-short jean (or are these khaki?) shorts an aqua marine crew neck T-shirt, and a '70s cheerleader top knot, Brit looked ... like the old Brit.

Maybe you just can't really fix something that doesn't want to be fixed.


Like I said, Brit has made a pretty solid comeback. It seems to me, though, that this new "more stylish" Spears is all just for the cameras. The Britney we once grew up boppin' to, you know, the one who wore the low-rise jeans and the pink crop-tops? That was a Brit who didn't know anything about her personal style. I'm pretty sure it's evident that Brit's personal style has evolved to be ... trashy. There's no worth in candy coating it. You know what though? Hey, that's OK.

If this is what Brit feels comfortable in, then who am I to complain about it? Heck, she looks pretty damn happy walking out of that Old Navy. Perhaps she got some of those colored skinny legged jeans the Backstreet Boys are singing about in their new Old Navy commercial. Sigh. Oh, '90s. It's good to have you back again.

What do you think about Brit's shopping look?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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