Kim Looks Very Kardashian in Super Tight Silver Dress

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kim kardashianKim Kardashian took a break from her recent love affair with all-things leather and finally put on a dress that most of us approve of. The reality star was in Australia trying to brainwash the continent into following her every move like we do stateside and donned a sparkly, tight ass silver dress for the occasion. Kim polished off the look with a super-sleek top knot, a boxy clutch, and Jimmy Choo heels.

Kim's Kardashian look is one we haven't seen in a while, but I gotta be honest, I'm kind of glad it's back. I thought she'd gone off the deep end with that varsity letter jacket and skirt ensemble, but no, Kimmy's got her fashion head on straight. For now.

The next night after she wore this silver frock, Kim wore another classic Kardashian style dress. (Actually, I think Kim wore that silver dress last night, and this printed dress tonight because Australia plays by its own rules when it comes to what day it is, and to be honest, I can't keep up. It's like talking in the future past tense down there, or something.)

So, for tonight/last night's event, Kim chose a variation on the miracle dress that played up her figure with a curve-enhancing pattern and black shaded sides.

Glad to see she got it right this time -- recently she tried a not-so-miracle dress and it did not work, m'friends. Then there was the time she wore that Stella McCartney miracle frock that "didn't show her Spanx" ... but it totally did.

Anywhoosle, feels like Kim's back on track. Her Aussie fashion is working. G'day and good work, Kim.

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nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

Hate everything about her but that thing she keeps putting on the top of her head is hilarious!

Victoria McGuire


nonmember avatar Lisa

@victoria McGuire I see you don't have a pic, wonder why? you must be one of those ugly white girls with no a** and no t*ts. Jealousy is a disease and you seem to be in need of some meds. Kim has the figure of a REAL woman bet you don't know about that.

Teri Motyll Bradley

Kim is beautiful and a nice person. Give her a chance.

flood... flood1971

Right. Nice. Person. Chance. Whore for sale. Hilarious. LMASO.

Angie Hayes

Her ass is huge... 


i really love d dress and d way it shows of her curve,but am not a huge fan of d made her look kind of stiff...

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