6 Cold Weather Coats That Will Make You Look Hot (PHOTOS)

6 Cold Weather Coats That Will Make You Look Hot (PHOTOS)

fall jacketA fall coat is unlike any other coat, amirite or amirite? I mean, you've got winter coats that are impossible to look cute in, spring coats that you buy and don't really ever wear because by the time you've bought them, hey, look, it's warm outside! and summer jackets that just guarantee a sweaty back and sweaty pits. There's just something about autumn. Maybe it's the style of autumn coats, the cut, or maybe it's the fact that you can dress them up with boots, infinity scarves, and leg warmers. Whatever it is, let it be known: Fall coats are the golden tickets of our time.

When you're marching through store after store, shopping for the coat to make all other coats jealous, you've got to keep your eye on the prize. I shop for outerwear that's comfortable and cozy, warm and affordable, but most importantly, I want something unique and fashionable.

Here are five tips on how to keep your coat collection cool and chic when the chilly weather comes around:

Have you been shopping for fall yet?

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  • Moto Jackets


    Image via Urban Outfitters

    Quick! Somebody get me a moto jacket 'cause these beautiful little bundles are everything when it comes to fall. The faux leather detailing and asymmetrical zip are unique, edgy, and funky. Fashionabe and warm, match this moto (byCORPUS Army Moto Jacket, $99) with an oversized infinity scarf and a good ol' cup'a joe.

  • Trench Coat


    Image via Forever21


    As if we could have a list without the classic trench (Classic Belted Trench Coat, $32.80)! Though it might feel basic, punch up the appeal by accessorizing with a waist-belt to help create shape and naturally slim your figure. For an added twist of flair, pair with colorful gloves or a knitted beanie.

  • Military Jacket


    Image via Old Navy


    The olive green military coat (Women's Drawstring Military Jackets, $39.94) is the perfect collaboration of edgy and chic, and fall is totally about taking risks when it comes to your vogue attitude. Not only does it look phenomenal against any skin tone, it's also a match made in style heaven for the upcoming cooler weather. To make the whole look work, slip into a pair of lace-up combat boots.

  • Peacoat


    Image via J.Crew


    Peacoats (Majesty Peacoat, $278) are a fall staple, but that doesn't make the look unoriginal. J.Crew's unique fit makes the coat work for your body shape and won't make your top look oversized or bulky. Darker, warmer colors are a huge hit for fall, but peacoats are everywhere in every color -- opt for an extra bright color to give the classic piece a makeover.

  • Jaktogo


    Image via Jaktogo


    What, are you going to tell me you would never consider wearing this coat because who in their right mind considers packing their luggage right into their jacket? As if. The Jaktogo (Jaktogo, $109.99) is basically as original and inspiring as it gets. Designed to house your luggage right on your body, you might as well say hello to the future of comfortable and practical outerwear.

  • Double Breasted Coat


    Image via ModCloth


    Before you write this look off as something you'd never even think about wearing, think again: What's not to adorable about this colorblocked coat (Ivy League Reunion Coat by ModCloth, $137.99)? Because matching bold prints together is so on trend this year, it works. It's unique, heavenly, and fashionable.

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