Amanda Bynes Takes Time Out of Crashing Cars to Design Clothes for Us

amanda bynesAmanda Bynes, everybody.When Amanda Bynes isn't allegedly getting drunk and hitting things with her car, she's hard at work designing clothes. Mmmhmm! Which is why she's decided to move to New York to start a fashion line. She's got all this free time and all this creative energy to spend, since, you know, she's retired from acting, and the 25-year-old told People that she's heading to the Big Apple and ready to "launch her career."

For gits and shiggles, let's say that all those charges against Amanda are false, as she claims, and let's say she's totally in a healthy state of mind and can 100 percent handle the pressures of starting a clothing line. Even with allllll those assumptions, would you be interested in buying what Amanda's selling? No. And here's why.







amanda bynes

Is that the face of someone you want designing your clothes? Does that ashy pink hair instill confidence in you?

Amanda's made some questionable fashion and beauty choices over the years and I'm not that sure she's the right person to design her own line.

Plus, I think she's drawing too many parallels between herself and Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay was the first young starlet to be called "troubled" and she racked up a fistful of DUIs and court appearances ... then released a line of leggings.

Seems like Amanda's just following along in LiLo's it's-not-cocaine-it's-powder footsteps, and it's not a good thing.

Amanda gave no other details about her fashion line except that it's a fashion, line, so, yeah, be on the lookout for Bynes' line sometime in the near never. I'd be shocked if she pulls this off.

What do you think of Amanda Bynes' fashion line?


Photo via Splash News; LA County Sheriff

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