8 Small-Chested Celebrities Who Are Proof You Don't Need Big Breasts to Be Beautiful (PHOTOS)

Katie Holme and SuriWith so many celebrities going under the knife these days in order to achieve a larger, perkier bust line, it's almost hard to imagine that there are women in Hollywood who don't have fake boobs -- and don't seem to mind one bit. And I'm not talking about the ladies whose gene pools make them naturally blessed with ample, silicone-free bosoms. 

Nope -- there are plenty of lovely A-listers who are perfectly content with their A-cup or barely B-cup breasts, and they are just as gorgeous as their larger busted peers.

Take Katie Holmes, for example. She definitely isn't what most people would consider to be "chesty," but she's no worse for wear because she's a bit on the small side. Her natural, effortless style is something all moms envy, and I highly doubt she'll ever hop on the boob-job bandwagon.

Check out the photos below to see seven other Hollywood ladies who are small-chested, and loving it.

Should these women think about going for a larger cup size, or do you think they look beautiful just the way they are?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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Pinst... Pinstripes4

What about Keira Knightley? She's gorgeous! Hmm I don't think Reese Witherspoon is considered small chested because she is at least a medium C cup. And I disagree with the sentiment that small boobs need to be made up by other features.

Joel Roos

It's taken me a long time to realize how awesome my small breasts are! I am in no way at a deficit because of my barely b cups. In fact, I would argue that in some ways I am lucky to have small breasts! My back never hurts from extra weight up top, my breasts are perky and perfectly shaped, and I can often forgo a bra in awkwardly shaped tops. All of those celebrities aren't beautiful in spite of their small breasts, they are just plain beautiful.

CPN322 CPN322


Jessy Roos

CPN322, for whatever reason, I was accidentally logged in on my husbands account. The comment was meant to be posted under my name.

nonmember avatar Katy

Lucky them they all have bigger breasts than I do!! 32aa and my bras still to big, I'll keep saving my money to get some b's like I had before kids!!!

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

...you are a really, really unpleasant writer. Who says they have to ''make up for'' their ''tiny breasts''? Who gives a damn? Is their value directly proportional to their cup size?

Miche... Michelephant

I think the article had good intentions but came off a little insulting and just plain boring.  I'd prefer more celebrity style type articles.  Maybe show these lovely small chested celebrities in their day clothes to show fun ways for regular small chested women to dress.

Nicole Jordan

Right on Emma and Pinstripe!  I have huge, uncomfortable breasts.  They sag to my belly button and are anything but attractive...how I wish I had some little, cute titties!!!

nonmember avatar Laura

Most celebrities wit big boobs have been purchased.... Just saying......

dynom... dynomitesmall

Who says bigger is better anyway? I think most of these women have average sized boobs and they are very proportional to their bodies. What about them makes them small? Maybe by comparison to DD's.

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