8 Small-Chested Celebrities Who Are Proof You Don't Need Big Breasts to Be Beautiful (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Sep 20, 2012 Beauty & Style

Katie Holme and SuriWith so many celebrities going under the knife these days in order to achieve a larger, perkier bust line, it's almost hard to imagine that there are women in Hollywood who don't have fake boobs -- and don't seem to mind one bit. And I'm not talking about the ladies whose gene pools make them naturally blessed with ample, silicone-free bosoms. 

Nope -- there are plenty of lovely A-listers who are perfectly content with their A-cup or barely B-cup breasts, and they are just as gorgeous as their larger busted peers.

Take Katie Holmes, for example. She definitely isn't what most people would consider to be "chesty," but she's no worse for wear because she's a bit on the small side. Her natural, effortless style is something all moms envy, and I highly doubt she'll ever hop on the boob-job bandwagon.

Check out the photos below to see seven other Hollywood ladies who are small-chested, and loving it.

Should these women think about going for a larger cup size, or do you think they look beautiful just the way they are?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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