What Presidential Election? Demi Lovato Cut Bangs!

demi lovatoAre you sitting down? You should be sitting down for this one, guys. Demi Lovato just cut bangs! Ahhhh! Can you believe you were alive when this happened? Remember exactly what you were doing when you read this -- your kids will ask you someday.

Tee-hee. Kidding aside, the X Factor judge did just cut bangs, and they look really cute. But she's following one of the "rules" for having bangs. Oh, you didn't think you could just willy-nilly cut bangs and not give them a second thought, did you? Oh, no, no, no, no, no. Well, you can. But you won't be getting the most bang for your buck that way. If you want your hair to look bangin', here are 3 "rules" you should stick to when cutting bangs. People from Bangladesh exempt.


Maintain yer bangs. Some people cut bangs, then immediately regret it, so they basically just wait until they grow out. Hold off before doing that. You need to give bangs some time before coming around to them. Try them for a few months, then see if you like them. If you're still not feeling them, grow away.

Style yer bangs. Even if you're one of those people blessed with gorgeous wash-n-go hair, bangs are an exception. Most bangs need some kind of styling in order to look good. Try brushing your bangs to one side and blasting with the hair dryer, then switching sides, then brushing them forward, as you want them. They'll give you a little oomph, even if the rest of your hair is having a bad day.

Defrizz yer bangs. I don't mind having a little bit of frizz in my hair now and again. It gives my fine hair a little volume. But bangs with frizz? No bueno. Use a serious defrizz product like Living Proof No Frizz on humid days, and -- quickly -- run them through a flat iron. I say "quickly" because you don't want them to have that flat ironed, pin-straight (in a bad way) look.

How do you style your bangs, friends?


Image via Demi Lovato/Twitter

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