kate middletonWhat's British, beautiful, and royal all over? Kate Middleton. The wifey of Prince William has got it goin' on: Royalty, adorably charming husband, designers fawning over her every move, world's style icon. Her look is flawless, timeless, classic, and regal. Boobs scandal aside, there's not much to nitpick -- unless you're the type to bash perfection, in which case, have at it. After the Duchess of Cambridge's nuptials, the world saw a long-sleeved wedding dress revival. Double-dog dare you to name another woman who has that kind of influence ... That's right, you can't.

England's Queen-in-Training would never act like she's high above us plebes, but her five-figure wardrobe says it all. Ever wonder what you'd do with a closet like Kate's? You want her style and I know how to get it -- na na na na poo poo! Just kidding. I am totally gonna share. Take at look at these 5 tips for dressing like the royal fashion idol on a commoner's budget. All hail.

What do you think of Kate's fashion choices?

Image via Tom Soper Photography/Flickr