Snooki Is Back in Heels & Hot Pants & Moms Everywhere Should Be Fist-Pumping


SnookiWell, it looks like she's baaaaacccck! Yes, of course I'm talking about Snooki, and I'm referring to her signature heel-wearin', fist-pumpin' attire that she looks so effortlessly Jersey Shore-esque in. For a well-deserved post-baby shopping trip, Snooki threw on a pair of black hot pants, a loose t-shirt, and of course, wedge heels that look virtually impossible to walk in.

And I gotta say, considering she just welcomed baby Lorenzo about 3 1/2 weeks ago, she's looking pretty darn amazing. If fans were at all concerned that becoming a mom would alter Snooki's fashion sense -- it looks like they can breathe a sigh of relief.

And while Snooki's taste may not be exactly in line with other moms out there, she definitely has a signature style, and it's awesome that she isn't letting having a new baby completely change her identity. I know it hasn't even been a month yet, but she's way ahead of the curve when it comes to bouncing back and feeling like yourself again after giving birth.

After I had my son, I still wore maternity clothes for at least three or four months, partly because my pre-baby duds didn't fit, and also because I found myself stuck in the dreaded "I'm a mom now so I'm not required to look cute" trap.

And until I got back into my pre-baby wardrobe somewhere around postpartum month nine, I just didn't feel like myself at all. I wasn't sure where being a mom ended and simply being "Mary" began. But once I started getting dressed in the morning and putting on clothes I'd worn before I became a parent, I felt my sense of identity returning. Lucky for Snooki -- she figured out this trick a whole lot sooner than I was able to.

Personally, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks bring in terms of Snooki's outfit selections. Something tells me she'll turn a lot more heads pushing a stroller than most moms do!

Did you lose your sense of style after having a baby?


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Marilyn Ramos

and that's why and how she could do it !! she still a meatball why would u want 2 wear the maternity cothes ,that will make u look fat !she has the money ,2 buy ,and  buy and buy over and over again !!she is snooki ?

purpl... purpleflower514

Anyone can look that good if someone else is feeding their baby.

curly... curlygirl31

i could not walk when my first baby was 3 week old.i hurt my back.

kimijay kimijay

Pretty sure she's breastfeeding purpleflower

nonmember avatar Nicole Harris

Snooki Rocks!!! She is always comfortable in what shes wearing and doesnt give a crap on what we all think of her!

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