5 Easy Tips for Wearing Bright & Bold Lipsticks (PHOTOS)

lipstickSay what you will about Sarah Palin, but she got one thing absolutely right. Remember her famous joke, "What's the difference between hockey moms and pit bulls?" The answer was, of course, "Lipstick," and golly, was she spot on. Lipstick, my friends, is everything. Perhaps not to furry, four-legged creatures but certainly to us two-legged ladies. But finding the perfect shade for your skin tone is no easy task. Yup, it's flirty and totally feminine to wear but how do you know what hues look fantastic against your face? Which red should you choose? Can anyone pull off purple?

The trick is, and always will be, matching up colors to your complexion and knowing what color family to stay in. So look at yourself in the mirror -- and I mean really look. Now that your summer tan is fading, what's your natural color? Fair, pale, olive? Be honest with your answer. Knowing your shade is better in the long run. Now pucker up ladies, 'cause here's the how-to on 'stick and skin ...

How do you pick your shade?

Image via TaniaSaiz/Flickr

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Richard Billock

Lipstick has always amazed me back from biblical times. No I wasn't there nor am not reincarnated(at least not that far back-I don't think?!?)but from my understanding prostitutes in ancient times wore the color on their lips they considered their vagina color as sort of the first commercial and THATis really something to consider next time ya see blue(cold? Or an ice queen as in frigid? LOL!) or purple(bruised?) Red or pink, especially pink kind of buys the theory and I am doing this as a sociological statement! Next time ya see someone really far out...well, then again IF they have a werewolf tail, too...." Just a thought on a thought! Goin back to my film "Starcastle" now and check out things from 1976. ONE day it will be at least on UTube! ! ~ Rik

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