Am I the Only Woman Who Doesn't Love TOMS?

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If you're like millions of other American women, you own a pair of TOMS. And if you do, good for you!

TOMS was founded on a truly fabulous concept -- for every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, the company gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need. That alone makes a pair of TOMS worth the price. But I'll be honest -- initially, I thought women were buying them as a good deed ... sacrificing style in order to help provide shoes for the poor.

It turns out that I was wrong.

"Omigod, I just LOVE your TOMS!" I've been overhearing women squeal to each other more and more often lately. This wouldn't be all that surprising if these women were wearing clothing made of hemp and standing in an aisle at Whole Foods. However, from what I'm seeing, many of the latest TOMS fans are SUV-driving, meat-eating, Estee Lauder-wearing 'assisted blondes' -- the kind who probably think 'Vegan' is a celebrity baby name.

Yes, TOMS shoes have gone mainstream. They're, like, a thing. TOMS shoes have actually become *shudder* fashionable -- and to me, the fact that canvas man slippers are now considered to be stylish is an obvious sign of the End Times.

To me, TOMS are like Crocs with a conscience. And while I don't know very many moms who would agree to wear Crocs in public (although let it be known, I'm a HUGE fan of Crocs for kids), every woman's GOTTA have a pair of TOMS right now. And I'm betting that more than half of them don't even know or care about the company's background.

Understand I'm not ragging on you if you have a pair of TOMS. Seriously. Every woman I know has a pair of TOMS. I realize I'm in the minority here. I would just like to know WHY you love your TOMS. Do you really think they look great? Or are you just wearing them because they're comfortable and it's all for a good cause?



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BeckyP. BeckyP.

I have never heard of them and by the looks, I would never wear them.

Valda... ValdaThomas

I appreciate TOMS mission statement about helping children who can't afford shoes. But most of the TOMS I've seen look cheap and the fabric choice doesn't help.

I remember in English class reading about Sherlock Holmes keeping his tobacco in the toe of a Persian slipper. I totally picture a TOMS shoe full of snuff for some reason! lol

we2an... we2angels

I think they, and crocs too, are hideous..they look like cheap canvas shoes from Walmart from the 90s

kerij... kerijeanbean

I am not impressed at all.  There are BOBS for kids.  They are made by Sketchers and the look about the same as the TOMS.  My 3 year old daughter picked them out, mostly because they were pink and shimmery, but she won't actually wear them.  They are stiff and uncomfortable.  I love the concept, I hate the shoes.

simpl... simplyred2

So what?? Toms is a great cause. For each pair you buy, they donate a pair to child in need.

nonmember avatar mama.leigh

Nope, you're not the only one. They're ugly and just so overpriced. Yuck.

nonmember avatar Ram

I love mine. I don't have a problem with holes, maybe because I didn't order them too small. For the person complaining about the price, it's because you are buying two pairs of shoes, one to be given to a child without any shoes. They make the giveaway pair sturdier with a thick rubber sole. I'm not saying I wear them for dressy occasions, but I like my bright red canvas Toms with my casual wear. Like someone else said they will mold to your feet and are comfortable. To each their own though.

WCURi... WCURiverRat

For as much as they charge you for these shoes, they should be donating 10 pairs to people in need, not just one!

Nicol... NicoleMarie1211

They are really comfortable "everyday" type shoes. They are super casual and understated. I love my TOMS they are my go to shoes and I've had them for about a year with no tears.

Torra... TorranceMom

I got a pair recently. I'm on the fence about their comfort - I'm hoping they'll get more comfortable over the next couple of wears. As far as looks go, I'm into them! I rock them with skinny jeans, shorts and certain dresses. Anything I wear with Vans and Chucks, I also wear with Toms.

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