What's So Great About Kate Middleton's Breasts, Anyway?

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kate and williamEnough with this Kate Middleton topless pics scandal. It's not like she has state secrets tattooed under those suckers, so everyone  please just calm down. I knew the whole scandal had gotten way out of hand when my husband -- who could care less about pop culture -- had an interest in the whole mess. He was late to the media frenzy, of course, but when he got wind that someone was actually going to print pics of the Duchess' bare breasts, he was like, 'Wow. Really. I gotta see that. What magazine are they in again?' Now, that's a reaction I expect from nude news about Zoe Saldana or Scarlett Johannson. But Kate?!?! Seriously, what do people think she's hiding under those designer frocks anyway?

What is the big deal about Kate's boobs? Now just to be clear, I think this French magazine publisher is pretty despicable. The photos were taken from far away while the couple were sunbathing at a private chateau in France. They had no idea someone was watching. No public figure deserves that kind of invasion of privacy. This goes way beyond snapping a pic while she picks up a frozen dinner at the market or emerges from house without makeup. 

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I am just so sick of hearing about that royal rack. No doubt Kate would agree. I'm sure she is a combo of angry and mortified. People are literally reacting like they are going to see an image of Baby Jesus in her nipple of something. It’s just ridiculous. News flash everyone – there is nothing special about her ta-tas other than the fact that the future king of England will suckle from them. Wait -- I guess that is kinda impressive. But that's neither her nor there. A peek at those suckers doesn't deserve this kind of frenzy. She’s not hiding any great mystery under those garments. Same as everyone else’s  – two eggs, sunnyside up. Get over it.

Are you tired of hearing about the Kate Middletom topless photo scandal?


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Katie Hesney Johnson

Agreed. I'm sure she is sick to death of them. It's such a gross invasion of privacy, but I can imagine no one is more vexed about it than William, it's reliving his mother's nightmare all over again, in the same country. I hope the photographer is prosecuted and the royal family takes the trash mags to the cleaners and donates all the money to charity.

nonmember avatar Robert Jackson

how can it be an invasion of privacy if you are going topless less than 50 yards from a public road??? Check out the map that has been published several places.

Besides, one men's magazine has already taken a pole and determined her breast were no big deal. The quote I think was "royal but third rate".

In the current world, if you are a high profile person, there are some activities that are high risk. That includes playing strip pool, going topless near an open road (or even a commoner having public sex during the Yankees game last week.)

While I certainly don't support the aggressive nature of these photographers, they are a fact of life, as is every 11 year old with a cell phone camera. Doing most anything in a potentially public place is a virtual license to publish that activity.

On the other hand, is there really any purpose in royalty in the world today? I think not.

Anita Faith Smith

I agree. All the hype over nothing.

Amanda Gonzales

It is an invasion of her privacy because she had a reasonable expectation to privacy. This would be no different than someone opening and then peeking through your bathroom/bedroom window then saying well I was sitting in a tree which was on public property. I have not seen the pictures but from what I have read they were very grainy which indicates they were taken from a distance greater than the 50 feet you are implying and as royality they would not have been that close to an unprotected "public" road. Second there were also rumored to be pictures taken at the same time of them engaging in sexual contact. They clearly did not believe they could be seen and I hope they sue the mess out of that paper.

Shana Hearn Cantu

This is seriously sexist. I mean a woman's dignity is violated and all you can say is her tits weren't that great anyway?? Are you kidding me? Thanks for reminding us where women stand in the world, hey people might take naked pictures of you but it's ok cuz when you're tits aren't up to society's standards, no one wants to see them anyway! Idiotic.

jessi... jessicasmom1

all woman have them so I don't see what the big deal is about them

tuffy... tuffymama

Thank you, Shana Hearn Cantu. ITA!

I would be in therapy with a Valium IV right now if this happened to me. And my breasts ARE special. *sarcasm*

spaya... spayandneuter

She has a beautiful body.  I'm very sorry she feels violated.

nonmember avatar Elke Greding

Kate and Will should realize that they are being watched and dress when outside, unless they do not mind getting snapped naked. Big deal about nothing, who really cares what she or he looks like, they are in no way special to look at. I say to both of them get over it, and I know they use the press if it is to their advantage. Take the good with the bad and move on, there are much bigger problems in this world, but your naked boobs.

nonmember avatar Paul

"There is nothing special about her ta-tas other than the fact that the future king of England will suckle from them. Wait -- I guess that is kinda impressive."... Love that comment. She is a beautiful woman that has breasts like half the population, but I guess now someday we can say we've seen the Queen of England's boobs....

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