Christina Hendricks Swallowed Whole by Hideous Dress That Looks Like Curtains


christina hendricksIt's been a whirlwind weekend for the Christinas of the world. Christina Aguilera and her gorgeous new ass attended the ALMA awards, and Christina Hendricks went to the Creative Arts Emmys. Since we've already talked about Aguilera's weekend look, let's delve into Hendricks', shall we? The Mad Men star, unlike the Voice judge, did not do so well on the red carpet Saturday.

Draped in ballroom curtains, Hendricks looked overwhelming, as in, I feel overwhelmed looking at her, and slightly faint.

I'm very empathetic to people's body temperatures because I struggle with my own hot/cold comfort balance, and I'm totally projecting on Christina here, but girl looks so weighed down by all that fabric, in all that sunlight, that I can't help but want to tear off her layers and sit her in the shade with a glass of ice-cold lemonade.

Which is to say, the dress is wearing Christina; Christina is not wearing the dress. It's totally overpowering her, and that's not easy. Christina is a stunning woman with an unbelievable body -- for an ensemble to totally detract from both those features is no small feat.

From the giant side-shoulder face bow to the pattern to its enormity, this dress did nothing for Christina. I'm generally a fan of a giant side-shoulder face bow -- loved how Charlize Theron did it, and I don't even mind Kim Kardashian's interpretation -- but Christina misses the mark here.

Oh well, soon enough we'll get to see her in those sexy '60s outfits on Mad Men season 6 -- after all, no one looks better on that show than Joan. No one.

What do you think of Christina Hendricks' outfit?


Photo via Fredrick M. Brown/Getty

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Jscot... Jscott1216

Would look MUCH better if it didn't have that flowy sleeve thing. The sleeve makes it too much. Otherwise I like it.

nonmember avatar Florian

Christina Rene Hendricks was born as Christina Elise McCarthy in Tennessee in 1978.
Her mother was a psychologist, and her father was from England andworked for the United States Forest
Service. Because of her father’s line of work, she and her family didn’t stay in Knoxville
for very long.

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