One-Inch High Heels Sound Ugly, But They'll Soon Be a Mom's Best Friend (PHOTOS)

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ivanka trump valentina pumpIvanka Trump Valentina petite pump ($139.95, we can blame Carrie Bradshaw and Lady Gaga, but for at least a decade now, it seems like women's shoe styles have only gotten higher, pointier, and more perilous to walk in. A 4 1/2" heel is nothing compared to some of the sky-high stilettos women have felt compelled to squeeze their aching tootsies into to achieve high style. It's a shame, because while they're definitely sexy sometimes, who really wants to wear shoes like that all the time? I sure don't! Most moms I know sure don't!

So thank goooodness it looks like the tide might be turning! At London's Fashion Week, the heel of choice wasn't a painful, impractical five- or gaaah! even seven-incher. Instead, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chloe, and Chanel's new collections were all showing a stocky, one-inch (maaaaybe two-inch) heel being dubbed the "petite pump." Oooh! Hello, footsies' new BFF!

I admit, I was born the perfect candidate for ridiculously high heels, in that I am not even 5 feet tall. But I've never really been able to pull them off -- especially for hours on end -- and after twisting my ankle in a pair of 4 1/2" pumps at a friend's wedding last year, I've had to steer clear of anything over 2". Ugh -- so lame!

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But now, I feel like these petite pumps may be the dream dress shoe we've ALL been waiting for! I'm sure plenty of other women are with me and would be equally relieved to abandon sky-high stilettos forever.

Fashion expert Brix Smith-Start tells The Daily Mail that she really does see them catching on ...

We don’t want to wear instruments of torture any more. These heels are the perfect height to make you stand a little taller, they’re smart and structured, but you can wear them all day.

The only issue with these is that they definitely have the tendency to look frumpy ... But the best way to avoid that is by steering clear of the petite pumps with pumps with a very round toe. Opting for a chic, pointed style makes feet appear slimmer and, in a nude hue, could appear to elongate your silhouette. Sounds like a plan for short chicks like me!

If you're just as ready as I am to jump on the petite pump bandwagon, here are a few options ...

This slightly pointed ballerina flat sports a sparkly studded heel and is available in black and nude from Zara ($49.90).

studded heel ballerina zara

This Ellen Tracy Bastion Leopard Pump ($69.95 at DSW) has animal instincts ...

Ellen Tracy leopard pump

Also, so in love with this super-girly, ruby red suede Softspots 'Samantha' Pump ($84.95, Nordstrom).

softspots samantha pump

Would you be super relieved if these ousted the super-high heel as the most fashionable shoe?


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miche... micheledo

I would LOVE these!  I love heels, but can't wear much of one.  I prefer flip-flops - but that isn't really a look I want to go out in.  I will be very happy if the smaller heel becomes fashionable.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Thank goodness! I am 5'8" WITHOUT shoes and have always felt so awkward in sky high heels!

Anna Potts

uh there ugly! i would never wear that! i have been wearing heels every day all day even when i was prego and you know what they rock my legs and ass look great if the shoes hurt you they dont fit i have 6 inchheels that i can wear all day, but then again im cute and short and like being taller plus i dont have that much weight pushing down on me.

Heather Duso Johnson

What ever happened to kitten heels?  Short but much cuter than these boxy things.  I used to wear 3" heels daily but that was years ago when I had a fancy office job.  I've just recently been looking for a cute low heel to wear for my goddaughter's baptism that will cute with my dress and won't cause me to slip or wobble on the marble altar!  Do you know how slippery that stuff is and the godmother is the one that holds the baby the whole time.  I can't risk turning an ankle or slipping around.

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