5 Pretty Stars Who Dress Like Men but Should Stop Right Now (PHOTOS)

suit jacketLet it be said: Trends are fun to try. It's always exciting to step out of your comfort zone and step into a style totally atypical for you. With a new trend, you've got to own it and make it your own. Go big or go home, ya know? There is, however, a big misnomer in Hollywood. Take for instance, menswear. It's a big celebrity must-do and it makes me flinch. Though Ashley Olsen is perfection in menswear, generally, I'm not into the look. It does nothing for a woman's shape and it just screams walk of shame. You'd be better off wearing a shirt that said, "Ugh, couldn't find my clothes from last night so I just had to wear this suit jacket. But luckily, I found my heels."

There's a handful of women who've failed with this look -- and I applaud them for trying -- but here are my top five. Caution: If you're used to these ladies looking bedazzled and beautiful, you are in for a shock -- a deadly combination of shoulder pads, buttons, and bowties are ahead.

What do you think of the whole menswear trend? Love it or hate it?

Image via Hello Turkey Toe/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Cee

So all women should just wear bubble gum pink dresses with matching sky high heels?

There was a time where pants and shorts were considered exclusively menswear. So if you are wearing pants, you are essentially wearing menswear. Women with jobs in businesses wearing power suits are essentially wearing what you call menswear with heels, or GASP shoes without heels!
Not only that, all women do not identify as girly, some even identify as tomboys/androgynous. Having a celebrity wear this trend may be annoying to you, but it normalizes the notion that certain clothing items belong exclusively to one gender.

Rita Curry

 It sure would look funny, if men wore women's clothes, out in public. On woman it looks great. We can wear almost anything we want.

nonmember avatar Eileen

Wow Kylie! You have set the times back with your article. I completely agree with Cee.

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