5 Pretty Stars Who Dress Like Men but Should Stop Right Now (PHOTOS)

5 Pretty Stars Who Dress Like Men but Should Stop Right Now (PHOTOS)

suit jacketLet it be said: Trends are fun to try. It's always exciting to step out of your comfort zone and step into a style totally atypical for you. With a new trend, you've got to own it and make it your own. Go big or go home, ya know? There is, however, a big misnomer in Hollywood. Take for instance, menswear. It's a big celebrity must-do and it makes me flinch. Though Ashley Olsen is perfection in menswear, generally, I'm not into the look. It does nothing for a woman's shape and it just screams walk of shame. You'd be better off wearing a shirt that said, "Ugh, couldn't find my clothes from last night so I just had to wear this suit jacket. But luckily, I found my heels."

There's a handful of women who've failed with this look -- and I applaud them for trying -- but here are my top five. Caution: If you're used to these ladies looking bedazzled and beautiful, you are in for a shock -- a deadly combination of shoulder pads, buttons, and bowties are ahead.

What do you think of the whole menswear trend? Love it or hate it?

Image via Hello Turkey Toe/Flickr

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