Katie Holmes’ Sloppy Look Reminds Moms Why We Shouldn’t Let Ourselves Go

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Katie Holmes and SuriShe's definitely known for always looking her best, and that's why it seems a little bit worrisome that Katie Holmes has been seen out in New York City looking downright frumpy these days! Ok, ok -- so I know this photo was taken while she and Suri were enjoying the weekend, and plenty of moms dial things back a bit on Saturdays and Sundays -- but hopefully this isn't a sign that she's letting her looks go downhill.

Katie is such a natural beauty, and now that she's finally free from Tom Cruise's crazy clutches and doesn't have to worry about him dictating her every move, this is her time to shine and show the world that being married to him didn't completely erase her identity. (And she's never going to achieve that by giving into the mom frump!)

Whether we like it or not, mom frump is something we're all guilty of from time to time. There are some days when it's just so much easier to throw our hair into a messy ponytail and forgo the makeup, but it's definitely not a habit that we should get too comfortable with -- especially for high profile moms like Katie who have cameras lurking around and following her every step.

If anything, the time right after a breakup is a time when moms should probably put in extra effort to look presentable -- you know, because of the whole "looking good is the best revenge" thing. Nothing says, "I've moved on and I'm SO over you" like a woman who steps out looking like a million bucks. And obviously, Katie is no stranger to looking fashionable, so she should use every single public "appearance" to her advantage to really stick it to Tom.

I'll give her a hall pass on this particular look, because no mom can be expected to look put together every single day of the week. But for Katie's sake, I'm hoping she doesn't let herself go completely -- she's just way too gorgeous for that!

How do you make sure to avoid looking frumpy even when you're short on time?


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nonmember avatar Amandacm

I HATE when blogs make fun of celebrity mothers for not looking perfect all the time. I think it's good that they don't always feel the need to look their best. After all, being an actress is not their # 1 job.. Being a mother is!

Newle... Newleaf32

I think she looks perfectly normal and cute! Much more relatable and likable than when she wore two thousand dollar outfits every day. I like this Katie better.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

This article was annoying and superficial.

There's nothing wrong with jeans and a comfy sweater on the weekends in the fall.. that seems pretty normal to me. No frump.

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

....you really an unbelievably unpleasant writer. She's far from frumpy, katie is very gorgeous. Why are your articles even published?

SoJaided SoJaided

She doesn't look the slightest bit frumpy

Amber Peerboom Mosher

She doesn't look frumpy to me. You sound really superficial.

mompam mompam

She looks great. She is just frowning a bit. She is not frumpy at all!

nonmember avatar LisaM

Why should she "stick it to him" by looking good? Better to just move on and conduct oneself with class, dignity and restraint. There is nothing more simple and understated than taking a stroll with your kid in comfy clothes... This article advances antiquated and sexist notions of motherhood and divorce.

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

Even if she was looking a bit frumpy, I don't think she is in this picture, the woman is going through a divorce! She's probably stressed out by trying to navigate life without the help she is accustomed to. Sure she's a celebrity and all but she's also a newly single mom with a young child.

nv2507 nv2507

If she stepped out looking like Victoria Beckham or a New Jersey housewife everyday of the week you'd have her pegged as being uncaring, superficial, aloof and cool. 


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