Kate Middleton's Out-of-Control Hair Is More Surprising Than Her Topless Photos

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kate middletonPerhaps it's because she just doesn't give an eff these days, more likely it's because of the humidity, but whatever the reason, Kate Middleton's hair looks amazing, unruly, and untamed.

Duchess Catherine and Prince William are currently still in the midst of their royal tour of Asia and the Pacific, and Monday, they arrived in Tavanipupu (where, ironically, they were greeted by topless dancers -- heh). As you can see in this here photo, Kate's normally perfectly-coiffed tresses are a bit more ... wild than usual.

First topless photos, now sexy bed-head? Looks like the future Queen of England is turning over a new leaf.

Orrr, like I said, she's just in a location where even the heftiest of defrizzing products are for naught.

Don't get me wrong, typically, I love Kate's signature not-a-hair-out-of-place, ultra shiny, unsettlingly bouncy tresses, but it's nice -- and surprising -- to see another (hair) side of the Duchess -- a less perfect side; a side we can relate to. I mean, seriously, who hasn't gone on a vacation before, and looked like a poodle the entire time, thanks to the humidity?

Also, "just like us-ness" aside, Kate looks good with her hair like this. It's not an everyday style -- one wouldn't want to, say, wear their hair like this to lunch with the Queen -- but for the casual setting she's currently in, and with the casual outfit she's got on, it's perfect.

Kate, you -- and your hair -- look great like this. You should air-dry more often, girl.

Do you like Kate Middleton's hair like this?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

kate middleton


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Alexis Coxon

I've been to the South Pacific. Hair products are pretty much useless against the humidity there!

debid... debidoula

Trying to do anything but a pony or a top knot is useless in Asia. I lived there for 3 years and had to get protien treatments to keep my straight hair from being crunchy (I do mean crunch)

nonmember avatar Donna

Love her hair

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