Lea Michele's 'Glee' Makeover Means She Can Finally Stop Looking So Silly

It's official: I've got the Gleever. Last night's Glee season 4 premiere "The New Rachel" was nothing short of refreshing. So great to catch up with so many of the old school McKinley High crew and check out so many fresh new faces.

While Marley, Unique, and Jake are fun (and insanely talented!) additions to the good ol' crew, I'm still focused on our old favorites. In particular, Ms. Rachel Berry. Did you check out how stylin' she was in last night's ep, hanging out with Kate Hudson in NYC? Slap me silly, who would have thought she'd ever look so ... mature?!

The 26-year-old star caught up with People magazine recently to talk her changing look. Lea Michele says she's so much happier with her style update, and she's stoked she can actually leave the set in her clothes and feel totally normal.

Trust me, Lea Michele, us too.


We've all been there: victim to the ridiculous "trends" we thought were cool back in our high school days. As we get older, though, we start to figure out our personal style. Personally, I'm in my mid-20s and know I have A LOT of figuring out to do, still. It's refreshing to see how Rachel is developing now that she's in a completely different environment, enjoying New York City. I get it: the fuzzy sweaters with pleated skirts, a signature headband, and Mary Janes were all part of her high school signature style. But throughout the last three seasons, I was always hoping we'd see her ditch the preppy threads for something more contemporary.

Personally, I would love to catch Ms. Berry in all sorts of designer numbers now that she's hanging in the Big Apple. Some Kors, maybe? Or ahhh -- some Marc Jacobs. Yes, yes please! One step at a time, though. As long as she keeps hanging around hunka hunk Brody, I'll be happy.

What do you think of Rachel's new look? Are you happy Glee is back?


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