What Has Ashlee Simpson Done to Her Face?

ashlee simpsonCan we talk about Ashlee Simpson for a second? And namely, what the hell has happened to her? We all know that Ashlee got some major plastic surgery back in the day, but it would seem, from recent photos, that she's gotten even more. What she had done, exactly, I don't know, but if I had to guess, I'd say that Ashlee went into a doctor's office with a photo of Kristin Cavallari in one hand, Winona Ryder in the other, and said, "Make me look like them apples."

Because, honestly, Ashlee Simpson is now indistinct. And that's possibly the worst thing I've ever said about anyone, ever. Up-close of her face after the jump.


Now that she's changed her nose, her chin, and maybe her cheeks and her eyes, too, Ashlee looks generic. It's hard to pick her out of a crowd of other thin, blond, pretty women. And to me, that's a real shame.

Ashlee's pre-surgery face, also known as the face she was born with, was beautiful. Her unique nose made her an original and didn't detract from her attractiveness whatsoever. In fact, it made her even more appealing. Different is alluring, different is charming; conformity is boring. It's too bad that no one was there to stop her when she decided to change her face permanently at the ripe old age of 20. Not only did no loved ones intervene, but Papa Joe seemed to condone the nose job, saying it allowed her to breathe easier.

And now, at 27, Ashlee looks very pretty, but totally unrecognizable. You have to wonder if the compromise was worth it.

ashlee simpson

What do you think about Ashlee's look?


Photo via Brad Barket/Getty

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