Snooki's Baby is Ruining Her Signature Style

snookiNicole 'Snooki' Polizzi has been pretty busy lately, what with that new baby and all. I'm pretty sure the new mama to mini meatball Lorenzo is feeling a little bit scatterbrained with the newness of the baby, her family's new lifestyle and a new truckload of responsibilities. It's like, after a handful of pushes out popped an heir to the guido throne and in a matter of mere minutes Snooki's gone from GTL to NPN (nurse, poop, nap).

Sounds like Snooks might have a bit of mommy brain to boot. Though it's completely normal, rumor has it that it's hitting the Jersey Shore star straight where it hurts: Her shoe collection. One day the star is on Instagram, tweeting about her crazy leopard booties, and the next she's tweeting another picture via Instagram of eight leopard-free boots.

Um, wait. Does this mean what I think it means? Has the Reigning Style Queen of Seaside traded in her animal peep-toe prints for good? Huh? Does it? No, it can't be. Can it? WHAT DOES IT MEAN, SNOOKI?


Apparently, it she's giving up her animal print addiction. She said she was "Stockin up on my fall shoes" and here's the photo that she Tweeted:

snooki's 8 leopard-free shoes

Told you. No leopard, no cheetah, no animal nothin' ... and while it's pretty shocking, I think I get why she's done it. Snooki's biggest priority is her son and making sure he's totally taken care of. When you become a mom -- especially to a newborn -- everything else comes second. Things that once seemed important, like said animal prints, go on the backburner. Plus, I'm willing to bet she was stockin' up on these flat-soled shoes to make running errands with the baby easier. Now she can go for walks, push baby on the swing and dodge the zany papparazzi with ease. Leave the sky high heels for Auntie JWoww.

I don't think we've seen the end of the leopard luvah's animal wearing days. I just think that we'll start to see a mix of more netural, casual and dare I say it, normal, looks from Nicole. It's clear to see that this mama is so in love with her little bundle that maybe she wants the external to match what she's thinking and feeling on the inside. Having a newborn may be hectic and chaotic and take some adjusting, but there's a beautiful calm too, a newfound appreciation for your body, and an eduring, all-encompassing love unlike any you've ever had before. Props to her for enjoying it.

No doubt that when the times comes for mama to hit the town and don some of her favorite looks, she'll be clothed head to toe in glitter ... and leopard.

Do you think Snooki is crazy for ditching her signature leopard looks?


Image via MTV

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