Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Have Never Looked Worse

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kim kardashian kanye westWell, it's happened. You can stop holding your breath because Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally made it to some shows at New York Fashion Week. Everyone's least favorite couple sat front row at Marchesa yesterday, then made their way over to the Louise Goldin show, after an outfit change, natch. An outfit change that has most of us with the curse of eyesight wondering what the hell Kimye was thinking.

These two -- I swear. They purport to be some sort of bastion of all things fashionable, and Kanye shows up to a show in a Canadian tuxedo and Kim's dressed like she just came from her boyfriend's track practice in 1993? Please.

I don't understand. I'm sure that jacket cost thousands of dollars and I'm sure Louise Goldin is a very talented designer, but Kim's outfit, I can't.

The over-sized letter jacket paired with a black choker, a sock hop ponytail, and a skirt that comes to her mid-calf is just, it's just, it's just bad. I thought Kanye was helping her dress better, but guess not. If this is a Kanye-approved look, then we're in for an interesting fall. I'll take Kim in one of those caftans Kanye threw out any day over this post-junior-prom-it's-kind-of-chilly-outside-oh-do-you-want-to-wear-my-jacket? look.

And denim on denim, Yeezy, really? OK, I hear it's making comeback, but Kanye shouldn't try and force the issue. Stop trying to make Canadian tuxes happen, Kanye. They don't look good. It looks like he's about to slide under a car and start tinkering around with the axle alignment, or something.

I think they look ridiculous.

What about you?


Photo via Michael Loccisano/Getty

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nonmember avatar ShotgunShellz

Oh, he doesn't look nearly good enough to pose as a mechanic. Men with muscles made by actual WORK are just...yummy!

nonmember avatar Vanessa

OMG! what is she wearing?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now that really is a horrible outfit

nonmember avatar AmandaCM

you can't win em all! haha kanye always looks good.

Anne4222 Anne4222

They look great! Stop hating. Jeez blog about something positive for a change.


i hope their relationship last,cus i dnt want 2 hear any hatin song.....

winte... winterglow

Someone should tell her that when you're chubby, cling skirts and short jackets are to be avoided at all costs. They just make you look dumpy...

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