‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Manages to Wear Tight Red Pants Without Looking Tacky (PHOTO)

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham hasn't always been the perfect style icon. Heck, there have been MANY times where I've wanted to shake her out of her slightly guidette tendencies. The 20-year-old Teen Mom star, who recently announced that she's finalizing a deal to star in her own reality spinoff, was spotted strolling through the tents at New York Fashion Week with a huge smile and a few shopping bags.

More importantly though, she was looking totally fall festive. As in -- how cute are those black booties? And hello, look at those red pants!

Colored jeans are everywhere for fall. Heck, they were everywhere for summer. But it doesn't take a scientist to know that there are MANY ways to do this look wrong, and I can't lie -- I'm surprised Farrah looks so flawless in 'em. Looks like this momma knows the three biggest must-haves to rock colored denim.


The right color: Walk into stores this season, and you can probably buy any color of denim you want. But come on, people. Just because they're still selling neon pink jeggings in September doesn't mean that this is the time to buy 'em (unless they're on CRAZY clearance). Opt for darker tones, like reds, maroons, purples, and blues. These warmer hues are definitely more seasonal and won't make you stand out like a sore thumb.

The right material: Yes, jeggings can be comfortable, but buyer beware: Since colored jeans are generally a lighter wash than, say, your everyday dark blues, it's a lot easier to see all those skin dimples (read: cellulite) you'd rather be hiding. You know what that means, right? Choose jeans that are a thicker material, and you'll be MUCH better off.

The right size: With the material in mind, the most important thing is finding a pair of colored jeans that are the right size. As it is, colored denim is an attention grabber, so you want to make sure your pants fit the right way. Muffin top, head somewhere else!

What do you think of Farrah's jeans? Are you into the trend?


Image via Splash News

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