5 Hot ‘Glee’ Styles You Should Totally Steal (PHOTOS)

5 Hot ‘Glee’ Styles You Should Totally Steal (PHOTOS)

glee castWho's excited for the Glee premiere!!? Season 4 kicks off tonight and is sure to be a jam packed show. But here's what I'm most excited for -- the characters' clothes. I can't wait to see each of the Gleeks decked out in their back-to-school getups. Aside from playing teens on TV, their trendy, style-savvy ways are a match for women at any age. I know I'll spend the hour taking notes on how to steal their star looks, won't you?

Though the fashions are usually spot on, we've seen our fair share of fashion fails, too -- but let's ignore that ever happened and just focus on the happier, stylish days. The show is back! The cast is back! Trends are being unveiled! People are going to look cute! We're going to be green with envy at how adorable they are! Incredibleness is waiting!

Since we've got a few hours to kill waiting for the clock to strike 9 p.m., let's look back on five of our favorite Glee girls' style and get the dish on how to mimic the look.

Which cast member do you think has the best style?


Image via Gudlyf/Flickr

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