‘Hunger Games’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Is Unrecognizable With Bad New Hairdo

jennifer lawrenceYou think you know someone, and then boom, they change their hair without even asking you. Jennifer Lawrence debuted her new look at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this week and shocked, shocked!, the crowd with her new, dark 'do. Flat-ironed and slicked down to her forehead, Jennifer's hair looked so different that it was hard to recognize her.

Katniss? Is that you? Where am I? What's happening?


The 22-year-old star was at the festival to promote her new movie, Silver Linings Playbook, and paired her new hair with a to-die-for tie-dye Christian Dior dress, dark nails, and pointy heels. Jen completed the look with a full, dark berry lip and light eye makeup.

I don't know if Jennifer dyed her hair for a new role or something, but it's not her best look. I like the color on her, a lot, but the styling's all wrong. It's too flat! All that's missing is a barrette on the side and she looks straight out of Reality Bites. 

I think Jen learned her lesson after seeing these photos because the next day, she wore her new dark hair with natural waves, and volume. Tre chic. And tre, tre shiny. She's crouching on Kate Middleton territory with those glimmering locks.

Jen's fresh brunette color is great for fall, but I kinda miss her honey tresses. Hopefully they'll be back for spring.

Like Jennifer Lawrence's new hair?


Photo via Terry Rice/Getty

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