5 Beauty Trends We've Had Enough Of (PHOTOS)

5 Beauty Trends We've Had Enough Of (PHOTOS)

khloe kardashian
Ombre hair, anyone?
Now that it's September (sob), it's time to clean out our closets and update our makeup drawers. Time to put away the sandals, and bust out the boots; time to trade in our neon pink polish for something darker; time to ... move away from some trends that have been all the rage the past few years, because, honestly? Although they may look cute, they've been done to death. Here are five beauty trends that we're tired of.

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  • Crazy Long Eyelashes


    Everybody loves a girly, flirty eye, but eyelashes are getting ridiculous these days -- and super fake-looking. By all means, glue some falsies to your lids, but maybe make them a bit more ... natural-looking?

  • Ombre Hair


    Ombre hair is adorable, but ... so many people have it -- and with the same long style to boot. If you want to do something "different" to your hair, why not start the highlights at the crown of your head -- or better yet, hair that's all one color?

  • One Nail Color Different



    This was ingenious when it came out ... but then it didn't stop. Why not try another funky mixed-up mani, like the reverse French (or, hey, why not go au naturel for a bit?) just to get out of the rut?

  • Buns


    Who doesn't love a bun? (Not this gal!) They're easy; they're chic; and they're quick to throw together. But, perhaps thanks to the Kardashians, they've been the go-to hairstyle for a few years now, Why not try something different -- and just as easy -- like a messy ponytail instead?

  • Super Long Hair Extensions


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    Clip-in hair extensions are great for those of us not blessed with luscious heads of hair, but the super long look, a la Paris Hilton, is kind of out. If you've got long locks naturally, by all means, flaunt 'em, but if you need a little "help" in the hair department, opt for something, um, not so fake-looking.

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