6 Sexy Stars Who Need to Stop Making Silly Fashion Mistakes (PHOTOS)

6 Sexy Stars Who Need to Stop Making Silly Fashion Mistakes (PHOTOS)

dressing roomGetting dressed is hard. For celebrities, the pressure is really on. The frock, hair, shoes, the question of whether or not to wear underwear -- it all matters. And that's before the media scrutiny. One small ounce of me feels bad for them for the microscope they're under. The remaining 99.9 percent doesn't flinch a bit. But bless their Hollywood hearts, there is just something I can't turn a blind eye for: Stars who have trouble dressing for their body. CoughKrisJennercough.

People fluctuate; weight loss, weight gain -- it happens. You bake cookies, you eat them. You skip the gym. You have eight helpings at Thanksgiving. No one is saying this is bad. I think these A-list ladies are usually impeccably dressed. They just get it so wrong sometimes that I'm driven to my knees with questions.

There are six women I'd like to give a talking to in the style dept. I'd tell them: Get a clue or a new stylist. One who appreciates your shape and wants to show it off the right way. Wouldn't you?

Any other stars you think don't dress well for their figure?

Image via The Lingerie Addict/Flickr

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