56-Year-Old Kris Jenner Looks Absolutely Ridiculous in Short Leather Dress

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kris jennerNot the outfit in question, but still.If you think 56-year-old Kris Jenner's September 11 appearance on Today was embarrassing, wait 'til you hear that the 56-year-old momager was photographed bumping and grinding with Lance Bass at a New York Fashion Week after-party later that night. 9/11 and drunk dance moves aside, at 56, Kris' biggest faux pas of the day came in the form of a black leather mini dress that had lace and, wait for it, bows. Completing the 56-year-old's outfit was a pair of chrome and white headphones draped around her newly face-lifted 56-year-old neck.

If there was ever any doubt that Kris considers herself a sister to Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, this outfit of hers should convince you. (Four sisters!)

Kris looks, in a word, ridiculous. I might say anyone over 35 is too old to wear this dress, let alone a 56-year-old mother of 20. Everything from the girlish cut to the fabric to its length to the bows (DID I MENTION THERE WERE BOWS), a woman Kris' age has no business wearing this dress. Her coy pose and the headphones just add insult to horrible, horrible injury.

Kris has been trying to grasp fleeting youth with her cold, dying hands for a while now -- new face, new lips, new boobs -- but it's time she let it go. She needs to realize that to age gracefully is to age beautifully.

If Kris keeps this up, she's going to be the 70-year-old at the party swigging white wine and showing off her new knee lift. For real.

Look how tight they are, Lance!


What do you think of Kris Jenner's leather dress outfit?


Photo via Brian To/Getty

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nonmember avatar brandy

she is such a horribly inappropriate excuse for a mother. i am so so so thankful that she's not my mother. no wonder her children are idiots.

nonmember avatar Mrs. Clark

Ok, Im all for women dressing and doing things that make them feel young. This dress however is just not flattering on her. It's not the right style for her body shape. With that said. The plastic surgery is ridiculous. Age gracefully please!

cmjaz cmjaz

Lady Bathory

Glenda Branson

She has no class, which is too bad. You are so much prettier when you dress appropriately.

Glenda Branson

Sorry, anyone older than 7 would know how silly that outfit was. 

linzemae linzemae

With how you described the outfit I expected it to look a lot worse than it does. I don't think she looks bad

NewMo... NewMomma.S

Her surgeon didn't do a bad job. I've only sewn these photos, but way better than some other lifted ladies in Hollywood. Not something you share with the whole world, though SMH

nonmember avatar Rainy

I have one word:GROSS (and that is with an EXTRA captial G)

nonmember avatar Retro MOM

It's really nobody's business what Kris Jenner does with her looks or her life. If she's happy, why can't you?

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