Snooki's Baby-Friendly Manicure Would Actually Work for Non-Jersey Shore Moms Too


snooki nailsEveryone knows that sharp objects and babies do not mix. Babies love the shiny knives on the table, but it's, like, you know, good parenting to hand them the spoon instead. Snooki gets that it's safety first. She's only had baby Lorenzo for a matter of weeks now but has already realized that long, daggers for fingernails are not a baby's best friend. Not only do lengthy, sharp nails pose a scratch and poke risk, but they're also a place that just loves to collect dirt, germs, and poop. If you've ever changed a diaper with long nails, you know what I'm talking about.

That's why Snooki got herself a new nail look. Out with the old, in with the new. Out with the long, in with the short. Out with the glitter and rhinestones, no, wait. Those can stay.

Snooki posted a photo to Instagram via Twitter with the caption: "My nail game! Short nails for Lorenzo."

I like that Snooki, now that she's a mom, didn't lose all of her crazy nail-art lovin' style. She's still young, fun, and fashionable (guidette fashion counts, I think) and only had to tweak her look a little in order to keep Lorenzo happy, and herself happy. Becoming a mom undoubtedly changes a woman, but Snooki seems to be holding on to a sense of self that's both unselfish yet self-indulgent.

Love the nails, love the baby safety, and yeah, love the rhinestones. Well played, Snooki.

Did you have to change your nails when baby arrived? What do you think of Snooki's compromise?


Photo via Snookinic/Instagram

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Chris... ChrisakaMama

Good for her. You can still have "hot" and/or "fun" nails hile being a Mom. My hair may be a hot mess, but I spend Sunday nights giving myself a mani-pedi so at least they will look good all week. :)

Torra... TorranceMom

My oldest is four and I'm still rocking short nails so I don't scratch him or his sister.

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