Emma Watson's Wardrobe Malfunction Showed an Embarrassing New Kind of 'Slip' (PHOTO)

emma watsonA nip slip is one of the most exciting things that can happen on the red carpet ... besides a Kardashian flour bomb. Unfortunately, Emma Watson, the stick in the mud that she is, ruined everyone's fun during her red carpet appearance for The Perks of Being a Wallflower by denying us the thrill of a bonafide wardrobe malfunction with her clever, clever ways. Photographers were armed and ready to catch her nipple peeking out of her barely there nude dress, but alas, Emma was prepared.

But perhaps what we did see is even more interesting than areola. Look:






emma watson

That right there is a nipple daisy. A nipple daisy? A nipple daisy. This adhesive little felt flower gives ladies a little extra coverage, great for, say, when you go on the red carpet wearing a lightweight sheer dress. Flesh-tone daisies like Emma's are made to protect our modesty, but there are tons of nipple pasties out there that are more fun than they are practical.

While spotting an adhesive nipple cover isn't as mortifying as seeing real skin, it's still a little embarrassing. It's like someone seeing your Spanx, or the panty line of your granny panties, or the white powder all over your face. You don't want anyone to know that you've tucked, stuck, and shook your way into your dress -- everyone's supposed to think you look flawless, naturally.

But like Emma knows, "naturally" is a word nearing extinction in the beauty and style category. Even Ms. Watson, a stunning 22-year-old, has to use stickies to cover her nippies.

Do you wear nipple coverage?


Photos via david shankbone/Flickr; Splash News

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