Snooki's Crazy 'New Mom' Boots Show She's Still the Same Old Snooki

snookiSnooki isn't one to let a little thing like pregnancy keep her off her sky-high heels. So she fell down a couple times in her platforms. Big deal! At least they were platforms and not stilletos. Like, compared to stilletos, platforms are practically like wearing sneakers.

And speaking of stilletos, wait until you see Snooki's fab new post-baby booties! No, not for the baby, for her. They're every bit as wild and dangerous as you'd expect Snooki shoes to be. To paraphrase another famous shoe lover, "Hellooooo leopard!"


snooki booties

Mwroar! Oh yeah, I think we have all the trademark Snooki deets right here. The animal print, the sky-high heel, the laces, the extraneous buckles (because your shoes need a belt, obvs), even a few chains. The only thing missing is some bling, but maybe there's some glittering rhinestones in there we just can't see from the photo.

Well congratulations, Snooki. These are the perfect pair of post-baby booties if I ever saw them. Snooki may have pulled out of the party game, but it's great to see that motherhood isn't changing her that much. Ditch the heavy drinking but keep the wacky shoes! We love 'em. Stay Snooki!

This is the part where I say "just because you're a new mom doesn't mean you have to give up on your style," bla bla bla. But who even does that anymore? When was the last time you saw a friend totally transform her look just because she became a mama? (Well, aside from maybe wearing nursing bras and slings.) You're still you. Snooki is still Snooki, and it shows.

What do you think of Snooki's new shoes?


Images via @snooki/Twitter

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