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5 Ways to Look Slim & Sexy in Oversized Sweaters (PHOTOS)

sweaterNow that it's getting nippy outside, it's time to think about a cool weather classic -- the chunky sweater. There's so much to love about the look: 1. It's so damn warm. 2. It's great for covering up the dreaded muffin-top. 3. It's the perfect lazy alternative to getting dressed every morning. 4. Did I mention how warm I am in this thing?

But it's not always easy wearing those cozy fall sweaters the right way. Sometimes a chunky piece of clothing can make you look ... well ... chunky, bulky, and too big. It's easy to think that it doesn't do anything for your shape, but I am here to tell you that's just plain wrong.

If you're curious about how to look hot in a heavy sweater, then you've come to the right place. I just so happen to be an expert on the matter. Here, five feminine touches you can give any sweater that'll keep you from looking like a double stuffed Oreo. And while you're at it, pass the cookies.

Do you care what anyone thinks when you're decked out in your warmest winter sweater?

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1Pair With Skinny Jeans

Here is the unwritten rule: If you're going to wear something bulky on top -- like an oversized sweater -- stick to keeping a fitted bottom. These jeans (Fitted Skinny Jean by Forever21, $15.50) help section off your figure, drawing the eye toward your shapely stems.

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2Accentuate With a Belt

I have a habit of diving into my Poppy's closet for some of his most retro sweaters. I also think my Pop is the most adorable man ever, but that is neither here or there. With a belt (Effortless Skinny Belt by Anthropologie, $38.00), even the thickest sweaters can still show off your physique. Opt for a belt with a bedazzled, jeweled clasp to really draw the eye to the smallest section of your waist.

4Stay Comfy in Leggings

Maybe you're not a jeans kinda girl or maybe it's just less of a struggle to slip into leggings (Nesh Seamed Legging by Urban Outfitters, $98.00) each morning. Whatever your battle, it doesn't matter. Leggings are naturally fitted, way more comfortable than a stiff pair of jeans, and give you flexibility throughout the day to take on your biggest needs. Added free bonus? Black is a girl's best friend.

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