Beauty Pageant Requires ‘Queens’ to Have Perfectly Spaced Nipples



If you already aren't a fan of pageants, this story certainly won't make you reconsider that stance.

A beauty contest for college students in China's Hubei Province has a ridiculous requirement: the young women's nipples must be spaced at least 20 centimeters apart (that's about 7.8 inches) and you won't believe why.

According to the organizers, there are requirements for bust, waist, and hips too. "We want the winners to be extremely good looking," one of pageant officials has said. "We have based our criteria both on the traditional Chinese and more modern Western aesthetic values." Translation: no pudge or even mildly droopy boobies.

Pupil placement apparently counts too. The distance between them should be 46 percent of the distance between each pupil and ear. WHAT??? Where do these ratios and measurements even come from? Does this sound absolutely insane to anyone else? They are literally dissecting women's bodies like some fetal pig in a chemistry lab. It's just demeaning and gross.

No way anyone can say this is a "scholarship contest" and not purely about beauty. This pageant makes Miss America look like the Nobel Peace Prize. At least they all tout an interest in community service and social issues as an integral part of the competition. I can't imagine even subjecting myself to something so barbaric and asinine as a nipple spacing measurement.

Is this the most ridiculous criteria you've ever heard of?


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Anna Potts

if you dont want to be judge by women and men like that stay out of their world you never had a place anyway

lasombrs lasombrs

who even takes those measurements? that just sounds like a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen. Oh sorry sweetie I can't quite get the tape measure straight enough (insert un-needed touching here). *sigh* but I guess they are aware of the rules before applying and things are different then what we see as normal here in other countries

tuffy... tuffymama

Are they REALLY "literally dissecting women's bodies???" Come on.

But yeah. China is so weird and inappropriate. And this isn't the violating-human-rights stuff they usually do.

nonmember avatar zizzler

These women are more than volunteering to be treated like cuts of meat, they're asking for it, begging for a chance to be judged, even. If they get their kicks from having these 'qualities' verified then who cares. Though it may seem extreme, is it really so different than judging a woman based on any other aspect of "beauty"?

David Khan

I've lived in china and this is probably the least strange thing they do....they also eat babies and aborted fetuses...and will watch you get stabbed to death as they eat their lunch <---- 10,000 people milling about and no one will even call the police...but then, the police may just be standing there watchiing it happen as well, and the men are HIGHLY touchy-feely to the point where you just wish you had a taser.

Barbara Allen

Two words--Barbie Dolls--Chinese version.

FaithNco FaithNco

Really Now. Hum.

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