Beauty Pageant Requires ‘Queens’ to Have Perfectly Spaced Nipples


If you already aren't a fan of pageants, this story certainly won't make you reconsider that stance.

A beauty contest for college students in China's Hubei Province has a ridiculous requirement: the young women's nipples must be spaced at least 20 centimeters apart (that's about 7.8 inches) and you won't believe why.


According to the organizers, there are requirements for bust, waist, and hips too. "We want the winners to be extremely good looking," one of pageant officials has said. "We have based our criteria both on the traditional Chinese and more modern Western aesthetic values." Translation: no pudge or even mildly droopy boobies.

Pupil placement apparently counts too. The distance between them should be 46 percent of the distance between each pupil and ear. WHAT??? Where do these ratios and measurements even come from? Does this sound absolutely insane to anyone else? They are literally dissecting women's bodies like some fetal pig in a chemistry lab. It's just demeaning and gross.

No way anyone can say this is a "scholarship contest" and not purely about beauty. This pageant makes Miss America look like the Nobel Peace Prize. At least they all tout an interest in community service and social issues as an integral part of the competition. I can't imagine even subjecting myself to something so barbaric and asinine as a nipple spacing measurement.

Is this the most ridiculous criteria you've ever heard of?


Image via Rob Thurman/Flickr

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