Rihanna's Huge New Boob Tattoo Apparently Honors Her Grandmother (VIDEO)

rihannaWhether in Facebook photos, red carpet appearances, or music videos, Rihanna's chest always seems to be front and center. The Barbadian beauty isn't shy about showing off her lovely lady humps and the latest ploy to draw attention to them is her new tattoo. The 24-year-old singer just got an enormous tat under her chest that stretches from breast to breast, and even pops up a bit between her cleavage. The ink is of the Egyptian goddess Isis, and Riri says it's to honor her late grandmother Dolly who passed away earlier this year.

I don't hate the tattoo -- it's actually rather lovely in execution and in thoughtfulness -- but I am wondering how it will hold up over the years. When Rihanna is 60, Isis' wings won't be taut enough for flight, if you know what I mean.


Droopy wings don't look good on anyone, but maybe Rihanna will be the first woman to make them cool, or something.

The placement of the tattoo, while subject to sagging, is kind of cool, if you ask me. It's easy to cover if you don't want it to show, all you gotta do is avoid cleavage-baring dresses. Something tells me Rihanna didn't choose her underboob area for the tattoo because it's easy to hide, though. I doubt Rihanna, Queen of the Side Boob exposure, ever intends to keep Isis under wraps, but still. The option is there should she choose a more demure outfit.

But if she's willing to share the "scandalous", topless pic on social media, I'm sure she won't be shy about letting Isis play peek-a-boo once in a while. This may be the first we've seen of Isis, but it's certainly not the last.

What do you think of Rihanna's new tattoo?

Photo via badgalriri/Instagram


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