Get a Flawless Face in 6 Cheap & Easy Steps (PHOTOS)

Get a Flawless Face in 6 Cheap & Easy Steps (PHOTOS)

makeup brushesLadies, your attention please. Regardless of whether you're a mom, a mama-to-be, a working woman or a 19-year-old college student, there's something you should know about your makeup routine: You're doing it wrong. Ok, just kidding -- you're probably not doing it wrong, but I bet you could be doing it quicker. Remember when a done-up face was so 'in'? There was too much applying and reapplying. Foundation and powder. But whaddayaknow, now a pampered and primped face ain't the trend anymore.

Out with the old (and over-the-top) and in with the new -- a fresh, effortless beauty regimen that doesn't take all day. Hallelujah! Hell, even celebrities are doing it, stepping out with a barely-there but beautiful glow. It's natural, honest -- perfect for on-the-go. It's a reminder that women don't have to cake it on to look and feel beautiful. Can I get an amen over here?

Gather 'round to catch all the hype on six simple steps that'll give you an effortless and fabulous face.

What's your morning makeup routine look like?

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  • Keep Your Face Hydrated & Moisturized


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    This is the first rule for an effortless glow. Keeping your skin hydrated and clean is a must do. Depending on your skin type, use soap and water or a specialized cleanser to keep bacteria away. And if your face can handle it, I like to wash at night and in the morning. If you're going to follow a similar routine -- use a wash that's less abrasive on your skin. After you wash: Make sure to moisturize.

  • Conceal Blemishes, Rashes, and Irritated Skin


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    Gone are the days where we'd spend hours applying foundation, blending and worrying about that 'cakey' effect. Using concealer (L'Oreal Paris True Match Concealer at Walmart, $7.97) to cover up blemishes, rashes, red spots or other skin issues is much quicker. Plus, foundation isn't 'the thing' anymore. Natural skin, no matter if you've got a few bumps on the surface, is much more on trend.

  • Apply Bronzer


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    Never will I ever leave home without bronzer. Summer, winter, fall, spring -- whatever the season, it doesn't matter. Just a hint here and there gives me that sunkissed glow I crave. Make sure to shop in your skintone zone (and don't be afraid to ask a beauty stylist at a department store to find out yours!) for the perfect shade. A pressed powder (Clinique True Bronze Pressed Powder Bronzer at Sephora, $25.00) goes on smoothly against skin and prevents flaking after a long day of wear.

  • Highlight Eyes With Shades of Brown


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    Use a natural taupe/medium brown shadow (M.A.C. Flashtronic Mineralize at M.A.C., $15.00) and blend into the lid, to give the illusion of a smokey eye, without having to commit to the whole blending and shading routine. If you want a bit of shine, opt for a brown with gold accents.

  • Lengthen and Volumize With Long Lasting Mascara


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    Last stop for the eyes: Mascara. Shop for a wand that lengthens and volumizes (Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara at CVS Pharamacy, $5.99) at the same time so you don't have to worry about your lashes when you're on the go. 

  • Keep Your Lips Looking Nude & Light


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    You could do so much with your lips that zeroing on one daily routine can be difficult. But if you've got a nude, pinky 'stick (Sephora Collection Color Lip Last, $12.00) that is made for long-lasting wear, definitely make it a must-have for every day errands. A shade like this won't make your pout the center of attention, but it's perfect for a glowing, effortless face.

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