Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips Are Surprisingly Awesome

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Sally HansenAt the BlogHer conference last month, I stopped by the fabulous Getting Gorgeous party, where there were free manicures featuring Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.

With my own party coming up that night, my unmanicured nails needed some help, so I sat right down and took my chances.

Frankly, I wasn't expecting to like the results all that much.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The process is pretty simple. First, you buff the tops of your nails a bit with a buffer that's provided -- this roughens them up so that the strips have something to adhere to. Next, you cut the strip if necessary to fit your nail. Once the strip is off the contact paper, it's like a thin sticker that you put right over your nail. It's okay if the end of the sticker is a little too long -- just fold it over your nail tip and file down the edge of your nail to make it look smooth. Another cool thing about the strips is that if you use certain textures (I used "Glitz Blitz," for example, which looks like burnished gold glitter), you can layer one sticker on top of another if you missed a spot, and you totally can't tell.

I ended up with awesome gold glitter nails that I received compliments on for days afterward. The gold was not too in-your-face; it was enough of a neutral tone that I felt comfortable wearing the manicure everywhere I went.

The best surprise of all was that my manicure lasted a good nine days before I finally removed it. Since the "color" was a texture, when the tips of my manicure began wearing off, it was completely unnoticeable. 

I would totally get these nail polish strips again. One of the reasons I never polish my nails is that I don't have time to wait for my nails to dry, and I hate how one chip ruins a manicure. These strips are great because there's no dry time -- and one "chip" often can't even be detected, or can simply be covered by another sticker. LOVE. You can find these strips for about $4-$5 at any drugstore.

Have you tried nail polish strips? Would you?


Image via Sally Hansen


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UKFan136 UKFan136

I LOVE nail stickers!  I'm addicted to buying different designs & colors though my favorites are Lust-rous and Misbehaved. :)  And @tinypossum, they do come in neutral colors too:

The best way to remove the glitter ones are to pour a little acetone nail polish remover into the bottle cap & soak each nail for a few minutes-they'll wipe right off!


dixie... dixiechick2

I bought some, but haven't tried them yet. I got them @ Family Dollar for $6.00!

CPN322 CPN322

I love them!

capta... captain..

I want to try them.

Donna Plumley Brubach

And you could probably use the gel nail overlay if you have a uv light to cure it, then it would last easily 2 weeks.


nonmember avatar Lindsay

Amazon has 2-packs for $6. :)

nonmember avatar MomToTwo

The Sally Hansen strips are too expensive. The best thing to do is get a bottle of the Seche Vite top coat from Sally's Beauty Supply. I can do a base coat and two coats of polish (I don't even let the coats dry completely between coats) finished with the Seche Vite and I'm back to doing laundry within 30 minutes from start to finish. I even go to bed after doing my nails and with the Seche I wake up with perfect nails - no sheet marks! Seriously, that stuff has changed my life. ;)

nonmember avatar rachel

I would actually love to try you think they'd work with pretty short nails?

nonmember avatar casandra

i can get two nails out of one strip, as well. AND i only buy them at Big Lots or Grocery Outlet. At BL, they're about $4 and at Grocery Outlet, they're $2.50! They have a limited selection of colors but there's no way I'm paying $9 for two applications. It takes me like 15 minutes to do my nails and they're good for almost two weeks. I love them!

nonmember avatar casandra

Oh, and as for the glitter polish: soak a piece of cotton (either a cotton ball or pad, whichever you prefer) in polish remover. Lay it on your nail then wrap a small piece of aluminum foil around the nail to hold it in place. Do all ten nails, then wait five minutes. The polish slides right off with the cotton. Works for all glitter polishes!

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