Jessica Simpson Looks Thinner With Simple Baby Weight Slimming Tricks

Jessica SimpsonWhoa! She may have put on quite a bit of weight while pregnant with her daughter, Maxwell Drew, but Jessica Simpson's post-baby body is something she should be incredibly proud of. (Applause for her, please!)

She's obviously been working very hard to shed every last ounce of her pregnancy weight, and this photo of Jess was taken at LAX -- she was headed to New York City, where she's set to officially reveal her amazing post-baby slim down.


She looks pretty svelte, but Jess may not be quite back to her exact pre-pregnancy size just yet, considering her choice of outfit for her cross-country trip.

It's not totally obvious upon first glance, but Jessica used some of the oldest slimming tricks in the book to make herself appear a little thinner than she is. (Such a smart cookie!)

First of all, it's no secret that you just can't go wrong with basic black when you're trying to disguise a few unwanted pounds. It's such a universally slimming color, and it's one that most of us tend to fall back on when we aren't feeling our lightest.

Second, by choosing a loose-fitting tunic for her top instead of something that hugs her body, Jess appears much leaner, especially since the pattern down the middle of the tunic draws the eye away from the rest of her frame.

And pairing her tunic with boot-cut pants was genius, because the cut of the hem makes her legs look much longer and leaner.

Making the transition from being the life of the party to a new mom has probably had a few tricky moments for Jess, but thankfully, she didn't lose her fashion sense in the process. If anything, being a mother has only made her more conscious of her style choices -- and this laid-back slim look is definitely working for her!

What are your go-to clothes to appear slimmer?


Image via Splash

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