7 Pierced Women So Pretty You'll Want a Piercing Too (PHOTOS)

nose ringThere is something about a piercing that can change everything about a woman -- and it's different for each woman. Sometimes it can make her look magical or mystical with a hippie feel. Or it can add a punk and rebellious edge. All of it gives off the feeling that the woman is daring, carefree, even spiritual. I love how it can be big and bold or small and subtle. And it suits some women so well you can't imagine them without it. A piercing is more adaptable than a tattoo in that it's body modification that you can change. Don't want a hoop, try a stud; or even wear one of the many colorful and artistic adornments made especially for those who are pierced.

This delicate nose ring gives Joye (pictured here) such an ethereal look, doesn't it? Let's take a look at more beautiful women with facial piercings ....


This beauty has her septum pierced, Monroe stud, and a dermal under her eye, and you may want the pink hair, too.

With a nose stud and a whole lot of hoops in her ears, Christie is very prettily adorned.

Simple and sweet.

pierced nose

Laura's lip piercing gives her hippie chick vibe a little rebellious boost.

More proof you can wear glasses and look fantastic with a piercing.

Subtle and gorgeous.

 Which piercing is your favorite? Which one would you get?


Images via Joye Prue; Tazbeth; Christie Haskell; IchSapphire; Laura Slomkowski; Michele Shaffer; Vadu Amka/Flickr

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