Delusional Miss America Slams 'Toddlers & Tiaras' and 'Honey Boo Boo'

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laura kaeppelerAfter a short time on the air, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has amassed a lot of haters. The newest: Miss America Laura Kaeppeler. In fact, the beauty queen has slammed the sassy 7-year-old Alana Thompson and her peers on Toddlers & Tiaras.

Kaeppeler's biggest beef? She doesn't think those little girls really want to compete. In some cases, I totally agree. But has she ever seen Honey Boo Boo in action? Puhleese! That child thinks the sun rises and sets because of her ability to outshine her opponents.

Though, where Kaeppeler really goes wrong is in her defense of her own pageant. She has the nerve to say that her nation-wide contest is superior to the ones for tykes because it is not about beauty at all. To that I say, "Total Bullsh*t!"

Anyone who has ever seen a Miss America, Miss Universe, Miss World, or Miss WHATEVER STATE, knows that its mostly about looks. When's the last time a pudgy, pocked-marked woman walked across the stage to get crowned or even compete for that matter? I am so sick of people trying to pretend that it is anything but a parade of hot babes (albeit some smart, college-educated hot babes).

No one tunes in to hear about their charitable causes or hear their stance on the war. Still, Kaeppeler told E! News,

 "There's a misconception that pageants are beauty pageants, and Miss America is a scholarship provider. We compete in talent and community service, so there's a lot more to it."

She went on to say Miss America is, "more about being a well-rounded young woman and an empowered female" than the child beauty pageants are. Is she serious? While I admire women who have the guts to put themselves on display like that, I don't appreciate the sanctimony.

Let's get real here. Wearing a swimsuit and stilettos in front of millions of people does not eradicate homelessness or cure AIDS. Yes, it can earn you a scholarship and allow you to travel the country cutting ribbons at malls, but it mostly validates one thing -- you are gorgeous. Just admit it.

Do you think pageants like Miss America are just about beauty or something more?


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Anna Potts

its about the full package beauty, brains, class some thing most women lack in 2012. toddler pageants are about looks more so then adult pageants the kids are not old enough to form own opinions or really shine from what they have been taught. as far as honey boo boo goes she should not be held on a pedestal her family is red neck trash and as much as a delight as the little girl is she need to watch her mouth and lose some weight. i have a signed pic from miss wy for my little girl and i hope my daughter will look up to her they do a lot of good just because they are pretty does not mean they don't do good.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

yeah there might be more to it than just being hot...but being hot is one of those required things. It it was all about them being educated & good causes, you would see at least one "ugly" woman up there

zombi... zombiemommy916

I tend to believe the term "sanctimonious" is overused...but not in this case...she should, regardless of what your opinion is on child beauty pageants, LOTS of those little girls (and boys) look up to Miss America...she's the last one who should be letting them down...IMO

nonmember avatar ghrtt3

Misty Dawn, you have obviously never watched Miss America. Every year there are quite a few girls on the stage that are at best, to be polite, average and attractive. Most are pretty, not beautiful. And rarely is there one that could be desribed as hot.

Courtney Puzzo

not every person that competes in youth/teenage/adult beauty pagents is a redneck like Honey Boo Boo's family is academy award winning screen legend Joanne Woodward was in pagents from about 10 months of age until age 19 and was far from a redneck. Ms America should keep her petulantly childish mouth shut

Cameron Keth

It takes talent to be hot... you have to work at that too....most don't come just naturally. Those girls have to put time and effort into their looks, education, talents, and charity works, plus it takes a lot of expense on their family too....the little girls, and their families are in it for trophies and to be famous, and face it...honey boo boos motherand family are in it for the money...their family is now living off honey boo boos sick notoriety...sad - but the kid is raking in the money for the family...the family is an embarassment, and when she grows up, and she will, and sees they made money off of her silliness - wow what a harsh reality that will be for her...too so many other "child stars" or whatever you want to call them...the parents usually exploit their kids for profitability and the kids usually end up with nothing but sadness in the end.

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