Emma Stone's Beautiful Revlon Ad Honors Her Mom as a Survivor (PHOTO)

Emma Stone & Mother pose in Revlon ad

We all have different ways that we define beauty. Some of our definitions, they involve products and makeup and glitz. Other involve something more internal. If you want to really see what beauty looks like, though, I say just take a look at Emma Stone in her most recent advertisement for Revlon. The Amazing Spider-Man actress poses alongside her mother, a triple negative breast cancer survivor. Wow.

The black-and-white photo is the first from Revlon's new public service campaign "Your Lips Can Save Lives," encouraging cancer education and early detection. Sure, all of Emma's Revlon ads until now, those were definitely lookers. But in my eyes, this is the most beautiful image of them all.


First, let's admire how simplistic Stone's and her mother's makeup and hair are for this photoshoot. Sure, Emma's sporting a piercing smokey eye, but other than that, both women aren't jazzed up at all. Emma's hair is pulled back off of her face; both mother and daughter are wearing simple black tops. If this isn't the perfect example that you don't need all the glitz and glamor to really look beautiful, then I don't know what is.

Stone told USA Today that everyone on set the day they shot this could feel the emotional bond between her mother and her. Yes, the bond between a mother and daughter can be awesome, but after experiencing something as terrifying as breast cancer can be and coming out on the other end stronger together, it's unbreakable. That sort of relationship, in my mind, is purely beautiful.

Do you find the photo as touching as I do?


Image via Revlon

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