Kristen Stewart Looks So Much Better Without Robert Pattinson

kristen stewartShe's alive! Kristen Stewart emerged from her cocoon of self-pity last night for her first red carpet appearance since you know ... and she looked hot. The Twilight actress werked it at the Toronto International Film Festival in a super tight, black sheath dress by Zuhair Murad. Rightfully (and thankfully), she's getting rave reviews for the look -- this might be one of Kristen's best style moments ever. And don't even get me started on her flawless hair and makeup.

Looks like a life without RPattz is actually doing Kristen good.


As far as I've witnessed (and experienced) over the years, breakups can go one of two ways, appearance-wise: Fantastic or tragic. We either look amazing after we've split from someone, or we look like red hot messes. And celebs are no different. We've all seen stars we know and love looking like they could really use a hug -- and a hamburger -- post-breakup (Demi Moore); while others emerge looking gorgeous (Jennie Garth). I'm gonna have to say, in this case, Roblessness suits Kristen. Chill your beans, Twi-hards, maybe not emotionally, but definitely physically. I mean, can we all agree, she looks great here?

I'm sure she had 843 hair, makeup, and style people up her ass before the event -- as she was clearly going to be watched with the most scrutinizing of eyes, but she really does seem all poised and glowy here -- and that dress was a perfect choice for the occasion. It's a little bit daring, a little risque, but it doesn't scream, "Look at me! I'm Kristen Stewart and I'm going though some shit!"

Actually, what I do think it says is: "Look at me if you want. Or don't. I don't care, man. But I'm Kristen Stewart and I'm doing alright."

What do you think of Kristen's look?

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Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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