Amanda Bynes Wears Bizarre Blanket Over Her Head & It's So Hot

amanda bynesNow that summer's winding down, it's time to get excited about fall fashion. The booties, the patterned tights, the cozy scarves. One lady who's gotten a jump start on cool weather fashion is Amanda Bynes. The troubled actress (yup, I think she's officially made her way into the "troubled actress" category) was spotted earlier this week wearing one of this season's hottest trends -- the stole face shield. The 26-year-old has had many a run-in with the law recently, there have been some DUI and hit-and-run accusations flying around, so this neckwear-over-head look is totally appropriate. What better way to show off a chic shawl than to use it to hide your face from the rabid paparazzi trying to snap a pic of your alleged over-tired and hungover visage? Amanda is a trendsetter.


Next time you're out running some errands or grabbing a coffee, remember: the scarf-over-your-face look is not only totally appropriate, it's totally in. Not enough beauty sleep? Conceal those bags under your eyes behind a lively-patterned fabric. Self-conscious about a breakout? Scarf to your face. Want to catch a few Zzzs while waiting in the carpool line? Muffle your snores with a trendy pashmina.

Amanda may have been hiding from the tabloids, and possibly the law, but her stylish coverall (move over face-kinis!) is here to stay. Best part is, you can barely see through it, so it's necessary to have a handsome man lead you by the wrist everywhere you go. Gorgeous over-sized scarves, no need for hair and makeup, and good-looking guides? Amanda: you are a trailblazer and an innovator. Hats off and scarves on to you, m'friend.

What's your favorite way to wear a cozy scarf?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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