Worst-Dressed Celebs at VMAs: What Were They Thinking? (PHOTOS)

Worst-Dressed Celebs at VMAs: What Were They Thinking? (PHOTOS)

taylor swiftIf you were busy watching the DNC or doing something really weird like reading or sleeping, you might have missed the Video Music Awards on MTV last night. Don't worry, all you missed was a bunch of young hosts shrieking at us and way too many strobe lights. But! There was the red carpet. Let's take a look-see at who bombed. I like to reward people for really bungling an outfit -- I feel like it takes way more effort to look bad than it does to look good. So, here are the top five worst-dressed celebs from last night's VMAs. Let's start with Taylor Swift in that awful pantsuit.

  • Taylor Swift


    Christopher Polk/Getty

    I appreciate that this outfit doesn't have her standard glitter or tulle, but me no likey the pantsuity. The Kennedys have gotten to her. That, and if you're going to do menswear, take a hint from Miley and do something a bit unexpected with it.

  • Nicki Minaj


    Christopher Polk/Getty

    If you're going to wear this, at least look happy about it, Officer.

  • Rita Ora


    Christopher Polk/Getty

    I see London, I see France, I see Rita Ora's boobs and possibly her navel, as well.

  • Sammi Sweetheart Giancola


    Christopher Polk/Getty


    I will say this: Sammi's hair and makeup have never looked better. But once you slap a gold bow on a glittery leather dress, you lose me.

  • Jessica Szohr


    Christopher Polk/Getty

    The Gossip Girl star channeled Milania Giudice, and it's not good.

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