30 Meaningful Tattoos Parents Got to Honor Their Kids

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Getting some ink to honor your kid is a beautiful forever kind of thing. It's essentially risk-free unless you end up with an evil little bugger, in which case your tattoo will serve to remind you of a time you had a little sweet child o' mine. But honestly, getting a tattoo in honor of your children is something that we think is pretty safe to say you won't regret. 


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So even if it's your first tattoo, some of these ideas are really great to consider. Whether you like a lot of color, or black and white, or if you have a lot of kids, or just one -- there are plenty of options. 

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Here are moms and dad with tattoos who went under the needle to get something to honor their child. Some are sweet and simple, some intricate, all symbolic.

Here are 30 meaningful parent tattoos that will probably make you consider getting your own. 

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