13 Meaningful Tattoos Parents Got to Honor Their Kids (PHOTOS)

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tattoo for sonPeople get tattoos for all sorts of reasons -- some of those reasons are awesome and others are mistakes that end up covered up by more ink or an expensive and painful trip to get laser removal. Getting some ink to honor your kid, however, is absolutely a forever kind of thing. Essentially risk-free unless you end up with an evil little bugger in which case your tattoo will serve to remind you of a time you had a little sweet child o'mine.

I gathered up some dads and moms with tattoos who went under the needle to get something to honor their child. Some are sweet and simple, some intricate, all symbolic.

Tim is a father to two boys. He got these blocks for his son Aidan. And he also got a train with his son Samuel's name spelled out in the cars. Check out that photo and more parents with tattoos ....

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Tiffany has her little peas in a pod.

This symbol is a twist on Andrea's son Tyler's horoscope sign -- Capricorn -- which he shares with his mom. Tyler's middle name Frederick is also Andrea's dad's name, who passed away when she was 13. Very meaningful.

Ginger has three hearts for the three babies who own hers.

Joye's butterflies are for her kids. The dragonfly is for her husband.

How sweet that the kids can see their little handprint on dad Art's arm -- it's like they will always be daddy's little girl to him.

Christina got this for her son Mikael and it's tribal for "first born."

And this one is for her younger son Jaiden who is a Taurus.

Below is the tattoo my husband got for our son, Hunter Johan. It's a banner that wraps around to show the tattoo he got for our daughter, Penelope Jolene.

The Day of the Dead skull lady is for me. The top tattoo is his last name and family crest. It's what he calls the family arm.

This is on my forearm. H in a designed heart for Hunter.

And P on the other side of the same forearm for Penelope.

Do you have a tattoo for your kid? Would you get one?


Images courtesy of Tim Lingle, TL, Tiffany Kelly, Andrea DiDonato, Ginger Summerford Gorrell, Joye Prue, Arturo Santana, Christina Lubrano Watson, CLW, Hans Gutknecht, HG, Michele Zipp, MZ



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nonmember avatar Ttyl

Sorry--I don't like any of them. But hey- whatever floats your boat.

Ravis... RavishingMama

I love tattoos (have 4 so far) and really want one for my 3 kids but am undecided on what to get...

clean... cleanaturalady

I don't have any for my kids, but I'd love to get one that has their birthdays stacked on top of each other


Like that, only with their real birthdates, of course.  I think I would like it on my shoulder or the back of my neck.  

hh0y13 hh0y13

I have a vine of flowers on my ankle with 3 flowers in 3 different colors - each flower has that child's first initial in the middle and their birthdate above the flower. 

Felly... FellyScarlett

Love your husbands tattoo! Especially day of the dead lady.

linzemae linzemae

I plan on getting my childs dob in roman numerals down my spine.

brand... brandspanknnew

I have a Fleur de Lis on the side of my calf in pink and blue with my daughter's name running through it. Fleur de Lis is the sign of our city, where she was conceived, born and will be raised.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

i have my sons name with wings on the upper part of my chest. Over to the side.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

i have my sons name with wings on the upper part of my chest. Over to the side.

jalaz77 jalaz77

I was about to get the birthdates of my kids along with my grandmothers but recently found out I am preggo so need to wait.

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