Katie Holmes’ New Job Should Make Suri Cruise Very Happy (VIDEO)

katie holmesForget that girl with the bow and arrow, Katie Holmes is the girl who's on fire. After divorcing Tom Cruise, the 33-year-old hasn't been lured into the catacombs by the Scientologists'  promises of endless cheese platters and some sort of guaranteed wealth in the afterlife, no. Katie's been wheeling and dealing. Not only is her fashion line Holmes & Yang debuting at New York Fashion Week in the next few days, but Katie just announced that she will be the first ever celebrity face of the beauty line Bobbi Brown. Ms. Brown's cosmetics, like her timing in selecting star endorsers, are impeccable.


Katie's hot right now, and Bobbi knows it. They say they met for coffee and hit it off and oh, ha ha ha, how great would it be if you were the face of my brand? And oh, no no no, I could never, well, could I? And, ha ha ha, sign here! Bobbi and Katie know what they're doing, but wonderful timing aside, I do agree that Katie's a great fit to be the face of Bobbi.

She's a natural beauty, a working mom, and someone people trust. I mean, now that she's divorced Tom, we know she's reliable.

It'll be interesting to see if Bobbi Brown sees a sales increase after Katie's lent her face and name to the campaign, but if I had to guess, I bet they'll see a nice little uptick as moms around the world decide to spend their money on an eyeliner that Katie, the mom on fire, uses.

But Bobbi and Katie aren't the only ones benefiting from this new deal. How happy is Suri right now?! All those free samples!? She's gotta be in hog heaven. After all, Suri loves her a lipstick ...

Are you more interested in Bobbi Brown now that Katie's signed on?


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