Christina Aguilera's Cleavage Obsession Sends the Wrong Message

christina aguilera on the lucky magazine coverSomeone needs a style intervention, y'all. I'm talking about Christina Aguilera. The popstar turned The Voice judge is all over the cover of of Lucky magazine's October issue flaunting her north-of-the-border lady parts. Let's be clear, I'm not a hater. I think it is super important for women to feel sexy and feminine and to love their bodies before babies, after babies, during pregnancy. My problem with Xtina's cover story is that she tells the mag she loves showing off her cleavage. For those of us that have had the pleasure of viewing the platinum blonde's more recent fashion choices, we know that 'cleavage' is not just a bit here and a bit there -- it's really code for the whole damn show.

But the buxom blond does make some fabulous revelations about women, curves, and learning to love her own body. I'm just not a fan of her bearing-it-all.


Christina tells Lucky,

Hey, if you can work it and you can own it, that confidence is going to shine through.

Here's a shocker: I agree. Confidence is key. I'm a huge fan of women loving, accepting and being proud of their bodies, no matter their size. But I think Christina is a little bit confused. Sure, she has a booty and is obviously happy with the size of her bust,  but what she's forgetting is that there is a way to look sexy, show off your curves and flaunt your figure without looking tacky. Finding a delicate, appropriate balance between your self-love and your image is something that's difficult for girls, moms and women of every age.

But Christina, lately, has made some frustrating fashion choices. Her clothing always looks like it doesn't fit, she forgets her pants, or her tops are so low cut everyone is just waiting for her to have her own Janet Jackson-at-the-Super-Bowl moment. I can't help thinking that one day her son, Max, is going to stumble across the photos and his mama's outfit choices will overshadow all the good she's doing.

On top of it all, she's a beautiful woman who's worked hard to be proud of her body, which makes other voluptuous women feel good too. So I beg you C, ditch the tacky, trashy ensembles and just cover it up. Not a lot baby girl, just a little bit.


Do you think that Christina has the right idea? Or does her wardrobe do more harm to her image than good?


Image via Lucky magazine

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