6 Hollywood Hotties Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Their 'Man Cleavage' (PHOTOS)

Taylor LautnerIt looks like showing off a decent amount of cleavage isn't just for the ladies anymore, because plenty of Hollywood hunks are daring to bare their chests and flaunt what they've got. (You go, boys.)

Take Taylor Lautner, who showed off his pecs in this button-down shirt after eating dinner in West Hollywood, for example. All I can say is he's young, he's buff, he's sexy, and he knows it. (Cheesy, yes -- but it's the truth.)

And this isn't the first time Taylor's been spotted out and about with a few buttons open. He's a repeat offender, and he really seems to dig having a little extra fresh air on his chest, and I think it's safe to say that nobody is going to complain about it.

Yep -- man cleavage is definitely all the rage right now, as you can see from the photos below of five other hunks who can't resist a nice breeze on their skin.

What do you think of man cleavage? Is it a good look or not?


Images via Splash

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